25 years of Acti-Sol : a unique journey designed by Loogart


Loogart is a Montreal visual artist specializing in illustration, brand identity, animation and web design. A true jack of all trades with a colorful and daring style, he was perfect to bring Acti-Sol’s 25 successful years of organic farming to life. And indeed, the collaboration has paid off.


Good for the earth since 1995

For the occasion, Loogart took on a major challenge: to tell the story of a family business than spans over a quarter of a century in a single illustrated painting. Every major stage in Acti-Sol’s growth is illustrated, starting with the Désilets farm and their egg production in 1995. The development of a technology to treat unused manure followed, then the official creation of Acti-Sol and the famous Mother Hen fertilizer. We quickly decided to adopt the milk carton as a container which is much more caring for the planet. Over time, new formats and formulations emerged to meet the needs of crops of all size.  Proudly, in 2018  came the addition of Acadie brand products, a line of natural marine fertilizers.

After 25 years, several thousand tons of manure have been recycled to the delight of the gardeners and their crops. This scene illustrated by Loogart also communicates our respect for the earth by putting our practices forward: recycling, composting and creation of an ecological product.

And with such an eloquent piece of communication within our reach, we decided to make two variations of it. It has therefore been adapted in vertical format and into an animated video telling the story of our fertilizers.

Loogart’s illustration


Natural across the board

At Acti-Sol, we collect, reuse and transform endless organic materials since our very beginnings. Our natural fertilizers are approved for organic farming, safe for people, pets, and the planet.  Acti-Sol is an independent, family-run, Canadian business.  We are proud to cultivate good practices in helping people here to cultivate their land for 25 years.


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