Terms and Conditions


Are you interested in collaborating on Acti-Sol’s blog? Please note that no promotional or sponsored content will be accepted.

Writing scientific articles, tips, tricks, and news articles

Certain criteria should be privileged in order to offer our readers high-quality content that will attract their attention:

  • Factual writing (objectivity should be privileged)
  • Original perspective
  • Informal tone and easy to share
  • Interesting titles
  • Content that is relevant to Canadians
  • Texts of 250 to 1,000 words written in the third person
  • Take care to cite your sources* properly to support the facts and figures that you present.

We reserve the right to revise, improve, or reject texts that do not meet our quality standards, and we will not publish any hateful, inaccurate, plagiarized, or defamatory content.

Review and the right to modify

When you submit an article, tip, trick, news article, or any other type of content, you agree that we can modify its content or title for the following reasons:

  • To correct typos
  • To adjust its length
  • To adjust its style
  • To provide details
  • To ensure that the facts are correct
  • To optimize the content in terms of SEO (search engine optimization)
  • To clarify the titles and subtitles

Our experts will ensure that the information shared on our blog is accurate and supported by the facts.

Bilingual writing

Your texts may be translated and posted on the French portion of our site, acti-sol.ca. If you are bilingual, we invite you to write your article in the language of your choice or to write in both languages.

Promotion and social media

Certain articles may be shared on Acti-Sol’s Facebook page. Subscribe to our page to see if we share your articles there!

*Citing sources

If you use a fact or statistic that comes from your own research, please mention this and provide us with the link to the results of your research.
If you use a fact, statistic, or citation that is not your own, you must mention its original source and consistently provide the link to the article or study so that this fact or statistic can be verified and substantiated. This rule also applies when you paraphrase information found in an external source of information.

You must provide a link to a study when you assert the position of a group of individuals by using a formula such as: “most agronomists predict that,” “scientists are convinced that,” or “research shows that.”

The information that you share should ideally come from reliable information sites, government studies, or articles published in scientific journals.
In addition, make sure that you hold the copyright to the images that you attach to your text or that you have obtained permission from the photographer. Make sure to mention the photographer and the photo.