From henhouses to garden centres, Acti-Sol meticulously controls the quality and safety of all its products. An identification code is printed on every container to insure traceability.

We perform rigorous tests on our fertilizers and keep strict records to ensure they meet the most stringent health and safety standards.

We use the services of external laboratories, including that of the MAPAQ (Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food).

Quality of the raw material

From feeding to laying, and finally proceeding with the recycling of the droppings, Acti-Sol ensures its clientele a very safe product subject to quality controls from beginning to end.

Acti-Sol can guarantee the quality of the raw material and its supply because the company possesses its own layer hens.

Rigorous follow-ups

Acti-Sol’s technical team constantly follows up on the production of the company’s fertilizers. Samples are systematically taken for analysis. Acti-Sol ensures the complete traceability of all products, from the factory up to the retailers. Furthermore, production lot numbers are printed on every container.


Acti-Sol was the first complete and permanent fertilizer processing centre to be accredited by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.