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Whether you’re a gardening advisor or the owner of a gardening centre, you’ll find everything you need in this section to showcase Acti-Sol’s Acadie and Mother Hen natural fertilizers to your customers.

In addition to providing you with efficient and natural fertilizers made from hen mature and sea nutrients, we offer you plenty of tools tare are available to you shine through our brand and your business.


Happy gardening!

Downloadable photos of Acti-Sol products

Acti-Sol makes photos of its products available to distributors and retailers for use in their online and printed materials (website, catalogue, flyer, etc.).

Employee training

We at Acti-Sol know that the salespeople and advisors working on the floor are your best sales force.

We offer checklists and personalized training courses on request (based on our representatives’ availability; certain conditions apply).

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Electronic newsletter for retailers

Periodically, Acti-Sol emails owners of garden centres news about our promotions and tips on how to boost their sales.

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