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To help you keep your vegetable garden, flowers, and lawn looking great, you can rely not only on our line of effective, natural fertilizers made from hen manure, but also our collection of Mother Hen’s helpful hints. Based on the in-depth knowledge of passionate gardeners, Mother Hen’s helpful hints are designed to make sure everything you sow, plant, and water grows strong and healthy. Fertilize your knowledge with Mother Hen’s helpful hints and you’ll never garden the same way again! Whether you’re an amateur gardener or a professional horticulturist, you’ll find advice that will let you reap the best results. Mother Hen’s helpful hints are about much more than just hen manure—you’ll find everything you need to know about fertilizers, transplanting, seeding, organic farming, and more! Happy gardening!

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8 May 2018

Acti-Sol Inc. announces its acquisition of Distrival Canada

The Maker of Mother Hen Fertilizer, Acti-Sol Inc., Announces Its Acquisition of Distrival Canada Acti-Sol, a manufacturer and marketer of natural fertilizers from laying-hen manure, has acquired Distrival Canada, a distributor of organic products such as Acadie seaplant products. In perfect harmony with Acti-Sol’s environmental awareness, the transaction will allow this Centre-du-Québec family-owned company to […]Read more
25 May 2017

Contest “Your neighbour will be green with envy thanks to Acti-Sol”

Wondering what to do to get a lawn as green as your neighbour? Acti-Sol has the solution! Participate in our contest « Your neighbour will be green with envy thanks to Acti-Sol!» and take a chance to win an Acti-Sol fertilizer application on your lawn. To participate, like Acti-Sol’s Facebook page, post a picture of your lawn and tell […]Read more
2 November 2011

Marjorie Harris shares her tips to plant bulbs

Marjorie Harris shares her tips for when to plant tulip bulbs, how deep to go and how to keep squirrels away with Acti-Sol’s Multipurpose Fertilizer. > Visit Marjorie’s Web siteRead more

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