About Acti-Sol

Acti-Sol, a shining example of sustainable development

Acti-Sol’s primary goal is to create a positive impact on the quality of life of gardeners and the health of the planet.

Every year, Acti-Sol recycles thousands of tons of layer hen manure so that gardeners who care about the environment are supplied with natural fertilizer approved for organic farming.

Recycling and developing “waste”

Natural, abundant and renewable, layer hen manure has a centuries-old track record as one of the best natural fertilizers. As long as people eat eggs, there will always be hen manure!

Green and low-energy production

Installed directly in the coops, the equipment developed through Acti-Sol technology captures the heat given off by the hens and uses it to dry the manure. No other heat source is involved. And because drying occurs quickly, no ammonia is formed and released into the atmosphere. Since the dried manure is lighter in weight, less fuel is consumed in transporting it to fertilizer plants.

Local production

Acti-Sol farms and its affiliated farms have their own manure drying equipment and all droppings are dried on site. The raw material comes from southern Québec and eastern Ontario. Unlike oil-based chemical fertilizers, Acti-Sol fertilizers use local resources.

Natural products with a small eco-footprint

Whether you’re talking about their manufacture or use, Acti-Sol’s natural fertilizers have a greening effect. They re-use an abundant resource instead of relying on non-renewal resources.

Promoting alternatives to chemical fertilizers

By offering professional and recreational gardeners environment-friendly products, Acti-Sol offers a new vision of gardening: Feed the Earth instead of harming it.

Support the farmers who choose organic agriculture

Acti-Sol’s natural fertilizers are used extensively by organic grain and vegetable growers. By offering fertilizers approved for organic farming, Acti-Sol encourages farming practices that respect the environment.

Increase customer awareness of the benefits of going organic

By offering efficient and easy-to-use fertilizers, Acti-Sol fosters organic farming. In flowerbeds, orchards or vegetable gardens, Acti-Sol helps amateur gardeners make the environment a healthier and more beautiful place.

Acti-Sol, a family business with a VISION

Acti-Sol was founded in 1995 from the will to recycle the manure produced by the thousands of layer hens owned by the Désilets family.

Claudia Désilets et Robert DésiletsClaudia and Robert Désilets
«As members of a society with a growing concern for the environment, we looked for an environmentally-safe way to recycle and make better use of this precious material known as poultry manure. Today, we are proud to contribute to the protection of our future and that of our children. »

At the time, the Désilets were looking for environmentally-friendly, long-term solutions to get rid of 1500 tons of manure generated by their layer hens every year. Well aware of the fertilizing virtues of hen manure, they wanted gardeners everywhere to be able to benefit from it.

A brilliant, environmentally-friendly solution

They developed and set up a unique technology to recover, dry, and process this “natural waste” and convert it into a marketable product that would be useful for horticulture. This is how they came to design a line of products for gardening that are efficient, environmentally friendly and entirely safe: natural fertilizers made from layer hen manure.

A firm commitment to the environment

Guided by their will to set an example and act responsibly, the Désilets apply several sustainable development principles on a daily basis:

  • Recycling and reusing a material considered as “waste”
  • Encouraging local production and reduced energy consumption
  • Manufacturing natural products with a low environmental impact
  • Promoting alternatives to polluting chemical fertilizers
  • Supporting agricultural producers who chose an organic approach
  • Raising their customers’ awareness about the benefits of environmentally-friendly gardening to human health and the planet