Two new products are lauched by Acti-Sol


Acti‐Sol widens its product line and launches two new fertilizers for those who have opted for the simplicity of container gardening: “On the GO sprinkle‐on fertilizers”. The first is designed specifically for vegetables and fine herbs and the second is for annual flowers. This is an ideal solution for planters, hanging baskets and flower boxes. Approved for organic growing, On the GO fertilizers are easy to use, in addition to be being eco‐responsible products.
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“On the GO” fertilizers: perfect for today’s lifestyle

Life is busy and there isn’t much room to garden… but you still like to brighten up your balcony with a few flower boxes, have one or two tomato plants on your patio or grow some fresh basil on your windowsill. Acti‐Sol understands the needs of today’s gardeners with its exclusive offer of “On the GO sprinkle‐on fertilizers”. Sold in a practical container and very easy to use—no more waste with large size containers or powders to dilute—“On the GO” fertilizers simplify the life of all avid gardeners.

No need to have a “green thumb” to obtain great results!

The perforated lid allows generous amounts of fertilizer to be sprinkled on without waste. What’s more, On the GO fertilizers are finely granulated for quick action. Just sprinkle some on, and there you have it! No need to be a gardening expert to grow beautiful flowers and healthy looking vegetables without the use of synthetic fertilizers.

Approved for organic growing

Engrais Sur le pouce Acti-SolActi‐Sol On the GO fertilizers made from dried layer hen manure are approved by Ecocert Canada for organic growing. Because hen manure is naturally rich in calcium, On the GO fertilizers promote good nutrient intake and healthy plant development.

Availability of On the GO fertilizers

On the GO sprinkle‐on fertilizers will be available as of spring 2011 in garden centres and hardware stores. Acti‐Sol products are sold in over 900 points of sale in Canada, 308 of which are in Quebec.

(An interactive map allows consumers to locate the retailers closest to them: www.acti‐

About Acti-Sol

Acti‐Sol, a Quebec‐based family business taking part in sustainable development

Hen manure is a rich, natural fertilizer and a renewable resource.

Acti‐Sol was founded in 1995 by the Désilets family. As producers of table eggs, the Désilets had to dispose of thousands of tons of hen manure every year. “We developed an environmentally friendly way to recycle this precious material and help gardeners at the same time. Hen manure is a rich, natural fertilizer and a renewable resource,” explains Claudia Désilets, co‐founder of Acti‐Sol.

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