Virtues of hen manure

Hen manure is a naturally rich and nourishing fertilizer. Rich in calcium, it is recognized for its excellent properties promoting the healthy growth of plants. The optimum fertilizer for gardening!

Acti-Sol layer hen manure: naturally rich in calcium

To produce eggshells, hens need a diet that is rich in calcium. This is why Acti-Sol’s layer hen manure contains a minimum of 7% calcium. Calcium is an essential element required for the growth of all living organisms, as it is involved in cell division.

The optimum fertilizer for gardening!

Layer hen manure contributes to the healthy development of plants. Natural fertilizers made from hen manure play an important role in the balance and structure of microbial life in the ground.

Approved organic

All our fertilizers are natural. Our manure is never mixed or blended with other product such as sawdust, fillers, synthetic fertilizers, or sludge.

Good for your health

Fertilizers made from hen manure are safe for humans, children, and animals. And contrary to some synthetic fertilizers, they don’t burn plants. (Use as directed)