Acti-Sol quick tips

Expert tips to help you garden!

Lawn fertilizer: spreader calibration

Adjust spreader opening to 3/4 before the application. Apply fertilizer in the evening, as the dew will help the granules dissolve faster.


Vegetable gardens: enriching the soil before planting

It is important to enrich the soil before planting your garden. A few days before seeding, spread pure hen manure multipurpose fertilizer over the entire surface of your garden and lightly turn over the soil. Afterward, use fertilizer for tomatoes and vegetables throughout the gardening season.

entretien-fleur-arbustes-plantationCare of your flowers after planting

After planting, use fertilizer for rose bushes to promote the blooming of your perennials and annuals, or fertilizer for trees, shrubs, hedges and evergreens to stimulate the growth and greening of your trees and shrubs.

engrais-plantes-interieurFertilizer for house plants

Use fertilizer for trees, shrubs, hedges and evergreens for house plants. Use 2 tablespoons for a 10-inch plant. Repeat every 6 to 8 weeks.

Aerate your house plants

The soil used for your house plants needs oxygen in order for aerobic bacteria to develop. Using a thin rod, poke holes in the soil close to the edge of the pot.

actisol-surfinia-millionbells-engraisSurfinia, Million Bells and others

For plants such as Surfinia and Million Bells, apply fertilizer for rose bushes every 4 weeks.

How to keep squirrels away

Pure hen manure multipurpose fertilizer has a repulsive effect on squirrels. To protect your bulbs, apply some on the ground in fall. We also recommend adding some in spring. It’s as easy as that!