Build an herb garden

Whether you’re working with a confined space or simply want to beautify your balcony, here’s how to build an herb garden in a flash.

You’ll need

  1. A wooden pallet in good condition.
  2. Plant bed fabric or a piece of thick, permeable geotextile to prevent stagnant water.
  3. A piece of felt to filter dirty water (to prevent stains).
  4. Water retention material to limit watering.
  5. Soil: 2 bags.
  6. A staple gun.


Lay the pallet flat with the side you want to use facing down. Securely staple the fabric to the inside of the pallet. Then, top with the piece of felt, stapling it to the pallet on all sides.

Turn the pallet over and add alternating layers of water retention material and soil. Make sure to fill the pallet completely and compact the soil sufficiently, otherwise it will shift during watering.

Place the plants on the top of the pallet. Using a knife, cut cross-shaped openings between the wooden slats in which to plant the herbs. Insert the plants firmly to prevent any soil from falling out.

It is recommended to leave the pallet flat for a few weeks until the roots have taken hold.